Sahana Vajracharya Anchor Woman discovers #WhyILoveKTM

#WhyILoveKTM is a story of infinite chapters, of a journey in search of Love! The love-hate relationship we have with this city, and its everyday impression on our independent Lives.

#WhyILoveKTM is a visual representation of ‘Hope’ that each day, regardless of its endless surprising challenges, only gets better, tomorrow.

#WhyILoveKTM is being aware of ‘Time,’ its value and its changing colors, because we forget, that the most important thing we all possess and undoubtedly the most powerful as well, is not the best of materials we acquire nor the tangible success we achieve, but is ‘Time.’

#WhyILoveKTM is finding ‘You’ and the very core purpose of your existence with this beautiful life we are blessed with. We seek a lot of things as we mature and make our decisions, but somewhere, most of us, in many timelines of life, forget the real person we are along with our direction.

and.. of all of thoughts, and your precious time you have invested so far in reading this..

#WhyILoveKTM is an effort to remind yourself that it is not ‘One-Day’ you will perhaps do the things in your bucket-list, but lets start now and hence say, ‘Day One.’

Lets fall in Love, together, shall We?